Headache treatment begins with identifying and eliminating the cause of the headache. In the case of a long-term headache, it is necessary to consult a specialist for examinations and treatment. Only a competent examination by a qualified neuropathologist will help clarify the causes of headache, establish a diagnosis, and apply adequate treatment.

To achieve the best results in the treatment of headaches, it is necessary to use a complex of remedies. Possible relief from headaches is non-medicinal methodology (hirudotherapy).

Medicinal treatment of migraine is divided into stopping the attack and abortion aimed at stopping the development of migraine attacks.

Calcium channel blockers, beta blockers and antidepressants are used for prevention.

Three groups of drugs are used to stop a migraine attack: aspirin and its combination with caffeine; preparations containing ergotamine and serotonin receptor antagonists (triptans). The patient should start using the preparations as early as possible, at the very beginning of the attack. In case of insufficient effectiveness, tranquilizers and dehydrating preparations are used.

The non-drug solution for migraines, especially HYRUDOTHERAPY, also has a different approach between the attack period and during the attack.