Nowadays, hirudotherapy is experiencing a new upsurge. The use of leeches to improve well-being is popularized, there are practically no diseases for which leeches cannot be used. It is necessary to note that the leech is a “disposable instrument” that completely eliminates the infection of a person.

Our leeches are grown in the Lodeksa medical leeches biofactory in Lithuania, where leeches are grown and propagated under the strictest laboratory conditions.

The selling price of the leech is €3.00. The Lodeksa medical leeches biofactory is one of the largest medical leeches breeding and cultivation biofactories in Europe. Medical leeches produced by Lodeksa medical leeches are widely used by the most famous European university hospitals, as well as by hirudologists in England, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain, Germany, Poland, Finland, Czech Republic, PAR, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Greece . Our leeches are tested in the laboratory of the MVT Risk Assessment Institute, which allows us to ensure high hygiene standards.

The reproduction process of medicinal leeches is complex and long. They, like all other leeches, are hermaphrodites, but only cross-fertilize. The development of medical leeches is not direct – the larvae hatched from the egg remain in the cocoon, where their metamorphosis takes place. Very mobile young emerge from the cocoon, already having the characteristic color of the species and are able to live independently.